Gabriel Engelke – Concrete Studies and DIY Concepts


Gabriel Engelke aka THE BEEB is one of the ANTIZ OG almost since Day One !

After back and forth between Sweden, Norway and Spain. He put down his bags in Barcelona with his Family, Flo, Lou and Elliot 13 years ago…

As a true skate rat and hyperactive person, he tightened up with the Barcelona local scene.

DIY parks are spirits, communities, crews, the passion and respect of the SPOT .

With this video, Garbiel gives a tribute to the Barcelona DIY.

– SPOTTER (Biada del Valles) #spotterdiy

– PICNIC (Poble Nou) @picnic_diy

– LA BOBILA (Badalona) @bobila_project

– CARIBU (Mataro) @caribu304

With the collaboration of Dmitry Brylev, 4 spots, 2 sessions each, the forty-year-old BEEB presents: CONCRETE STUDIES AND DIY CONCEPTS.

Music Performed by: – RED ZEBRA —– I Can’t Live In a Living Room

Filmed and edited by DMITRY BRYLEV



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