French Revolution on DESTRUCTO !


The french Hobos : Hugo, Sam and Juju are the new riders for the international DESTRUCTO team , they joined the Hobo master : Mr Steve Forstner.

What the fuck ! There is also a press release , it's so pro ! let's have a beer and burn the pool coping !

All the photos from LOIC BENOIT

Antiz is quickly becoming the most influential skateboard brand in Europe. A welcome addition to“La Famiglia Destructo” the Antiz crew shares our spirit of freedom, passion and a motivation to see creative skateboarding thrive internationally.

We’re psyched to be allies and expand Destructo maneuvers in France

“ When Steve Forstner joined Destructo, Destructo became part of our Antiz family. Destructo is progressive, with a strong skateboarding heritage. Iron Distribution is proud to be Destructo’s new ally in France ” Julien Bachelier – Antiz

“ I’m stoked to be rep’d by my hommie Europeans ” Arto Saari

 “ Skaters helping skaters, that’s the way things should be ” Steve Forstner  


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