Antiz - Out Of The Blue Out Of The Blue
"Out Of The Blue" is the new Antiz movie by Ludo Azémar
Featuring: Rémy Taveira / Gabriel Engelke / Hugo Liard / Michel Marhinger / Dominik Dietrich / Peter Molec / and the rest of the team.
Thanks to all the filmers to support this project.

Here is our third opus. Miraculously we managed to put it out just before the end of the world. If you've ever seen a skate video before, well, this is pretty much the same. But the only difference is that this one is the best one ever made, seriously...

Our second video by Paul Labadie. With Steve Forstner, Sam Partaix, Hugo Liard, Tom Derichs, Julian Furones, Julien Bachelier, Julian Dykmans, Ben Thé and Love Eneroth.
Edited by Paul on a better laptop at the Antiz office.

The first Antiz video. Directed by Paul Labadie with Hugo Liard, Love Eneroth, Julian Furones, Steve Forsnter, Julien Bachelier, Ben Thé and Julian Dykmans.
Edited by Paul on a shitty laptop in a month at the old Antiz house with the whole team around and about.