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Tuesday, April 1st 2014

Remy on ashes

OH YES!! you don't believe it, i know. REMY "the TAV" is on ASHES griptape.

This brand is the best brand or the worst one but they are dead or alive and they are real or not.

When you set up a sheet of ashes on your deck, you're on fire...

from soma

Wednesday, March 19th 2014


When the older are at the office working like hell the younger are in US skating some amazing spots, ludo don't sleep anywhere...

Thursday, March 6th 2014

Remy in Alicante

Little trip with friends, no pressure, beers and good skate, Remy knows what is good for him.

In this new Sugar issue, there is also our flowbo rider from Lyon, Quentin Boillon.

Wednesday, February 5th 2014

Barcelona or badalona

The crew was in barcelona for few weeks and they always hanging arround canyelles for bowl and bar sessions. And at night when everyone 's drunk, they played in subway, making lines and challenge with switch crooks at every stops...


samuel partaix pics

Monday, February 3rd 2014


The NO DRIVE TOUR is out in KINGPIN issue 122. The concept was to stay in paris and drive as less as possible, and skating with our friends from other companies... 

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