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Saturday, May 21st 2011

Amsterdam , Eindhoven

Stop to Netherlands with a team it 's always a situation you are dreading ...By the way ,Matt organized well the things for us , we had the best floor ever , the hospitality of Rob from Amsterdam skatepark and Simon from area 51 in Eindhoven was just the best shit ever !!!

John Kotzier was also introduced as a new flowbos through Planet Contra , congrats man !

We even had time to hit some spots on the road , as usual Samu killed , Juju drink and drive but Sam is definetely the king of the CHILL ...

We go back to France 

Thursday, May 19th 2011

Tonight in Eindhoven

If you are around Area 51 in Eindhoven tonight , just pass by to have fun ! 

Thursday, May 19th 2011

Antwerp , Mechelen

Some of us would say another hard day at the office ... I would say another good day on the tour !

Yesterdeay we went late to bed , Mike our host trapped us in his living room for a blues jam session with 

the Cortona and this was pretty epic !

We had a real heavily lidded eyes when we left Paul at Bxl airport . A sailor less in the caravel but the road continue ...

As usual we were tight on the day schedule we showed up our Zombie faces in Antwerp to Real Deal skateshop (thanks Roel!) for the video and then we met Koen "cookie" at the park who showed us the right lines of the backyard pool ...

One Kebab , one special beer later on and we carsh at koen's field in the middle of the belgian country side ... 

Today is a day off ! no premiere , just skateboarding . we decide to go to Mechelen Skatepark where we meet our homie Bram De Cleen .

Cortona set up the amps and start an improvised show ... everyone start to be wild in the park !

It's time to go to Amsterdam and meet Matt our new distributor ...

We have one pair of socks left , we are stinking but we keep on smiling !

Tuesday, May 17th 2011



Monday, May 16th 2011

We are still alive !

Long time with no news from the Acid tour ! No wireless and we were lost in the forest recently ...

By the way , London was fuckin rad we spent the whole day at Mile End skatepark in front of LCB skateshop ...

Cortona did their outdoor show in front of the park , French did his usual demo and we finished at Nico's place .

We really would like to thank James and Charly (for the most relax night we had), Bryce from LCB , Sofi who took a flight from Miami specially for the premiere, French for the non invitation to his place and Nico for his kitchen floor !  

The next morning was rough ! we had to wake up really early to take the ferry at Dover , one can of  Monster and you are hyped for the whole day !

Basically we were really on time to go to Brussels , until the Cortona van run out of petrol on the Belgium motorway ...

we had no choice to leave Murl (who was taking a shit) barefoot with no ID  on the gas station ... Murl you are too SLOW !

Finally we made it to BXL Cortona set up their amps at the last minute for an illegal gig on the Ursulines bowl ! we brokedown the show / session until the preacher man came cause we were too noisy ...

So it was the right time to show up our dirty faces to Alfonce skateshop for the premiere ...thanks Greg for the hospitality !

And then we met Mike ...

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