29 Days later…


Back at the office.

It all started by going to Linz, which only took one boat, three trains and 50 hours because the volcanic ash closed down the airports. 
It was totally worth it!!! See you soon again Hobos!
Rags to riches. From Linz  to Porto to skate with the Quiksilver crew. Crazy times. Super Bock and golden stories!
From Porto i flew to Ukraine and wondered around Kiev, Chernobyl, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Sevastopol with couple of Russians Pimps and some British weirdos. After Chernobyl they somehow got even more weird. Radiation wasn't so bad after all. Now i have 6 th toe to help me with my heelflips! (I also got contaminated by Hugos weird jokes)

Here's couple of random shot's from the trip. More will be seen in the finest skatemags/videos of Europe!




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