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Friday, May 25th 2012

Marketing tour : Strasbourg / Nancy

The marketing tour North East is ending up to Strasbourg and Nancy .

It was an intense trip ! they had to fight against the hungover,the red brick spots ,the floods in Nancy and the belgium beers . Thanks to Slide Box , East Pro Shop , Nico , Herve for the hook up !!! 

Stay tuned for the marketing tour part 3 !

Thursday, May 24th 2012

Marketing tour : Sarrebourg

The guys are still on the road and this time they stopped to Street Corner in Sarrebourg and showed their bank's skills !!!

Wednesday, May 23rd 2012

Marketing tour: Epinal

The Guys stopped by Epinal to Ekilibr shop , Between the clouds they could cruise the park and  they organized a gnarly best trick !

Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

Marketing tour: Belfort

The kids were waiting for us at the shop Monkey Business. We went to some downtown spots with them.

Then we went to a crazy spot in the forest. The team ripped the medium ramp and had fun in the bmx transitions.

Monday, May 21st 2012

Mustard Promenade ...

Couple lines from the hobos in Dijon

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